The magnetic resonance system of ener-active is based on more than 15 years of experience in human and animals.





Our blankets are unique high-tech functional fibers from natural raw materials, cool in summer and warm in winter (winner oft he German innovation Award 2010).


„A good horse
decides the battle.
Give him everything
what it takes.“ 

Alexander der Große




Ener-active pulsating magnetic fields for the health and fitness of the horse. With the magnetic field of ener-active you can bring your horse on healthy ways simply to his best.







MRT classic


The mat MTR classic can be used for supporting your well being and fitness. Pulsating magnetic fields in the correct dosage stimulate blood circulation and improve the oxygen and nutrients supply in the cells and thus strengthen the body´s own healthing powers.


Now you can also rent our magnetic therapy blankets, gaiters and our MRT classic blanket.



Prices on application